We are in full service agreement and compliance with Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.).  The A.C.E. curriculum is a Bible Based Pace Program and is used in many accredited schools.

We adhere to the Indiana General High School Diploma requirement.  Indiana guidelines for Private School and Home School Programs state:  "Students who are issued a diploma by the administrator of an Indiana Home School possess a legally issued, non-accredited diploma.  Homes Schools, like all other non-accredited, non-public schools, may legally issue a diploma to a student that completes the graduation requirements of that school, as established by that school."

The Vision of Liberty Christian Academy is to change lives, one student at a time, by providing an environment of love and acceptance.  Liberty Christian Academy does endeavor to provide the highest possible academic program thru individualized education materials.  We are a non-accredited, non-public, Christian School that strives to work together with students and parents to build an educational platform that prepares the students for a competitive yet productive future.

Liberty Christian Academy Founders,

Ronald and Joan Fisher

We are an Indiana Non-Profit and we have a Business Entity Official Certificate of Existence on file with the Indiana Secretary of State.  We are also recognized by the Indiana Department of Education and have been issued an Indiana School ID Number.  This information can be verified on the in.gov website.

We have colleges refer prospective students to us to complete their education and receive a high school diploma so they may enroll.  Our graduates should have access to the same grant monies and Federal funding as a public high school graduate.

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